ConFESsions Vodcast: New Episode with Jasminko Halilović (War Childhood Museum)

asminko Halilović is the director of the War Childhood Museum in Sarajevo. The Museum tells stories of what is a childhood during armed conflict, starting with the children of Sarajevo in the 90s through personal items and stories of the war-time children willing to share. The critical value of the Museum, as Jasminko notes, is that these exhibitions do not evoke the feelings of pitying the victims; it instead helps them regain their dignity and honors their resilience.

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The War Childhood Museum opened an office in 2020 in Kyiv. The Kyiv Museum hosted exhibitions made out of items of Ukrainian war-children because the invasion of Ukraine started before February 2022. In February, it only gained additional volatility and cruelty, and Jasminko was there, working a couple of days before this escalation happened.

Now, he shared his experiences and thoughts on the empathy, solidarity, and trauma that bind Sarajevo and Kyiv together. He spoke of the necessity for long-term peacebuilding and consistency, the importance of shared values, and how art contributes powerfully to these efforts. Tune in to Episode 1 of Season 2, ConFESsions Vodcast, for this touching and thought-provoking episode.


Reporter: Hana Sokolović For more information, check out our social media and website and stay tuned; the season finale goes live end of November! #ConFESsionsPodcast

Disclaimer: The opinions stated by the podcast participants do not necessarily reflect the attitudes and opinions of Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung.

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