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23.12.2021 | News, Event

2021 was not an easy year for the region; besides the ongoing pandemic, it brought about new challenges and resurfaced old concerns. Nevertheless, in doing so, it reaffirmed our commitment and dedication to social democracy in Southeast Europe. We are looking forward to continuing this journey with you.

From our team…


22.12.2021 | News, Event

From 19th to 25th of November, Sarajevo Film Festival and Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Dialogue Southeast Europe hosted the special edition of "Dealing with the Past“ program to continue the cooperation for the 27th edition of the renowned film festival traditionally held in August.


22.12.2021 | Social Democratic Politics and Values, News, Event

From 3rd to 5th of November, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Dialogue Southeast Europe in cooperation with the Institute for Democratic Engagement in Southeast Europe (IDESE) hosted in Mostar another installment within the Academia in Dialogue series. This session focused on young and progressive voices for new politics in…


20.12.2021 | Social Democratic Politics and Values, News, Event

Peter Scherrer spoke with FES Dialogue SOE Head of Office, Dr. Ralf Melzer on the current developments and existing cooperation among the Western Balkan Countries


10.12.2021 | News, Event

From October 25th to 28th, Belgrade hosted one of the most prominent regional events to discuss foreign affairs and security policy in the Balkans and Europe, the Belgrade Security Forum. For the 11th edition of the forum, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Dialogue Southeast Europe partnered with BSF organizers to host a panel…


10.12.2021 | News, Social Democratic Politics and Values, Event

From October 15th and 16th, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung regional offices Dialogue Southeast Europe and office for Croatia and Slovenia hosted the International Parliamentarian Conference in Cavtat. The topic of this year's conference was "A European Union in Transition - Prospects for European Integration and Transition…


10.12.2021 | News, Event

From 12 to 14th of October, Western Balkans Perspectives on the Future of Europe gathered progressive and engaged politicians, academia members, think-thankers, and activists in Tirana, for the last focus group discussion this year. Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Dialogue Southeast Europe organized the event in cooperation…


26.11.2021 | News, Event

The final episode of ConFESsions Podcast Season 1 is here, and we will let the work from 2021 speak for itself. We had the opportunity to share the stories of environmental activists from the region and truly showcase their exceptional tenacity and inspiring stories.


18.11.2021 | News, Event

In addition to screening some of the most prominent documentary achievements from the world, that deal with the past and its interpretation, Dealing with the Past program will host additional content in the form of panel discussions and Q&A sessions with film directors.


11.11.2021 | News, Event

Sarajevo Film Festival, in cooperation with the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Dialogue Southeast Europe, presents the special, free of charge edition of „Dealing with the Past program“ – available online throughout the region via VoD platform of Meeting Point Cinema at and in person for Sarajevo…


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