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16.06.2023 | News, Event

For years, the Western Balkans have been awaiting EU membership. In 2003, European heads of state and government opened up the possibility of accession for the region, yet twenty years later, none of the six Western Balkan countries have joined the EU. However, with the onset of the Russian war of aggression in…


16.06.2023 | News, Event

The program will gather young people from the Western Balkans to attend the Sarajevo Film Festival and tell a story about intercultural dialogue, youth cooperation, diversity, and peacebuilding.


05.06.2023 | News, Event

For second time, the “Engaged Democracy Convention – Engage, Inspire, Empower!” gathered local initiatives, researchers, civil society representatives, and active citizens from the Western Balkans. This year, the event took place in Pristina, Kosovo, from May 17th to 20th . The conference is a continuation of the…


01.06.2023 | News, Event

„Unpleasant issues from the past must be included in the education system, because their scientific and pedagogical treatment creates a basis for preventing violations of human rights and repression, and gives an impulse to critical thinking, freedom of expression, attitude towards otherness and democratization“,…


17.05.2023 | News, Event

Over the past few decades, migration dynamics have significantly shaped Southeastern Europe as a region. Most recently, Southeast Europe has been affected by the transit of refugees and migrants from other regions, and many of its citizens are emigrating. Unfortunately - regardless of the type of migration, no trend…


16.05.2023 | Social Democratic Politics and Values, News, Event

From the 24th to 26th of April, FES Dialogue SOE joined the 1st May Summit in Ljubljana to the occasion of the establishment of a new political foundation in Slovenia, the 1st May Institute. The event was joined by social-democrats across Europe, from elected representatives to international organizations and political…


27.04.2023 | News, Event

Kino Meeting Point, Sarajevo, 8th May, 18:00


24.04.2023 | Publication Social and Economic Justice, News, Social Democratic Politics and Values, Event

Europeanization or marginalization? Despite the European Union’s (EU) emphasis on the free movement of workers within the EU as part of the “Europeanization” of migration policy, national borders continue to shape various forms of precarious employment and precarious lives.


Aleksandra Lakić is a sociologist with a…


06.04.2023 | Social Democratic Politics and Values, News, Event

On March 21st, we opened the exhibition "Imagine: Reflections on Peace "with our partners from VII Academy, Forum Ziviler Friedendienst, and our colleagues from FES Belgrade at the Centar za kulturnu dekontaminaciju.


05.04.2023 | News, Event
Two film tickets being held in empty cinema in front of banner announcing an upcoming film.

From the 11th to the 17th of February, Sarajevo was home to the special edition of the Sarajevo Film Festival titled Dealing with the Past / Present. Together with Sarajevo Film Festival and partners Pro-Future (USAID Project), Catholic Relief Services, and Forum Ziviler Friedendienst, FES SOE co-hosted two programs…


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