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Maintaining Jewish Memory in the Western Balkans

The FES hosted numerous teachers from four continents in the framework of the Center for Research and Documentation of Jewish Life in East and Central Europe's annual Summer academy in Berlin. This year's program focused on Jewish History in the Western Balkans.



The Southeast European Joint History Project

The Southeast European Joint History Project is a multinational and cross-disciplinary initiative that aims to utilise multi-perspective, participative and critical thinking approaches in history education to combat nationalism, overcome enmities and promote unity and diversity.



POINT 5.0 - Political Accountability and New Technologies Conference

The fifth edition of the Point conference was held this year in Banja Luka and Sarajevo during May 25 to 28. The four-day-conference was filled with engaging panels, discussions, presentations and lectures covering all overarching themes of the conference.



Western Balkans Civil Society Forum Belgrade and Novi Sad

The Western Balkans Civil Society Fora are organized by a steering network of civil society organizations in Southeast Europe, comprising the European Fund for the Balkans, Erste Stiftung and Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung amongst others.



Spring School in Modern Diplomacy

This year again the FES Prishtina Office in Cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kosovo organized the third in a row Spring School for Junior Diplomats. This event lasted from May 8th until the 14th in Prizren, under the topic “Challenges of Modern Diplomacy”.


Europe Calling: Politics for Europe

Financial crisis, economic crisis, refugee crisis: They are serving as centrifugal forces, polarising Europe and driving it apart. Recently, trust in the European Union and finding joint solutions for such central challenges has really suffered. That makes it even more important to ask: What is keeping Europe together?…



Activist Forum Tuzla: "The Social Dimension" of the Berlin Process

On April 18th and 19th, 2016, the FES Regional Dialogue South East office convened an activist forum in Tuzla, Bosnia-Herzegovina, entitled The “Social Dimension” of the Berlin Process: Grassroots Perspectives & Critiques. In attendance were grassroots and NGO activists from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia,…



Dubrovnik Dialogue: Southeast Europe as Origin, Transit Route and Destination of Migration

For seventeen years running, the FES organizes the Dubrovnik Dialogue Process in Cavtat, Croatia and has established itself as a forum for members of parliament from southeast Europe, the German Bundestag as well as the European Parliament. This year’s forum ran between April 8-10 and it focused on the challenges…


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