Centropa: Teaching Balkan Jewish History

From October 20-22, more than 40 educators from Bosnia, Slovenia, Serbia, Macedonia and Croatia attended the Centropa seminar "Teaching Balkan Jewish History, the Holocaust and Digital Storytelling" in Sarajevo.

The seminar brought together teachers and ministry for education representatives from the former Yugoslav countries to acquaint themselves with Centropa's education program, to explore 20th-century Jewish history, and to establish regional and international partnerships.

The teachers had the opportunity to work together, exchange ideas how to improve their teaching methods and use the Centropa materials in innovative ways to strengthen Holocaust education. The goal of the project was to combat antisemitism and Holocaust denial by creating programs that students carry out themselves, and share with other students across borders, oceans, and ethnic divides. Majority of the Centropa programs are based on the family stories and tens of thousands of photos their digitized and now present online.

During the seminar, Centropa opened their new exhibition „The Lost Sephardic World of the Western Balkans“ at the History Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina. They also launched the website "A Lost Sephardic World of the Western Balkans", which accompanies the new exhibition about Sephardic Jewish Stories from Split, Dubrovnik, Belgrade, Bitola & Sarajevo. Explore it here.

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