Join us at Sarajevo Film Festival: Dealing with the Past February 10-16, 2023

Sarajevo Film Festival and Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Dialogue Southeast Europe invite you to join us for the February edition of Sarajevo Film Festival Dealing with the Past program from 10th to 16th of February 2023. Our partners for this edition are also USAID project Pro-future and ZFD Forum.



The full February screening program is also available on our website, and we look forward to seeing you in as many of events as you would like to attend. All film screenings are free of charge, and you can also watch the films online for free in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, and Slovenia.


Friday, February 10th - Opening night of Dealing with the Past program, (Cinema Meeting Point, Sarajevo)

  • 17:30 - 19:00 Screening of “Nelly and Nadine” by Magnus Gertten followed by a Q&A with the director and moderated by Nebojša Jovanović, and a reception for all guests.



Saturday, February 11th - Screening of “Where is Ana Frank?” (Cinema Meeting Point, Sarajevo)

  • 17:30 – 19:30 – “Where is Ana Frank?”by Ari Folman. Anne Frank dedicated her diary to an imaginary friend named Kitty. Israeli director Ari Folman brings Kitty to life in this animated movie, telling her own story. In search of her best friend Anne Frank, Kitty becomes a witness to the last months of life of the Frank family during the Holocaust and post-World War II Europe. The screening is followed by a guided conversation with Igor Benacion Kožemjakin, hazan of the Jewish Community, moderated by Asja Krsmanović and a reception for all guests.



Sunday, February 12th - Screening of “Born in Evin” (Cinema Meeting Point, Sarajevo)

  • 17:30 - Sreening of “Born in Evin” by Maryam Zaree followed by a Q&A with the directress (online), moderated by Asja Krsmanović.




Monday, February 13th - Screening of “The new greatness case” (Cinema Meeting Point, Sarajevo)

  • 17:30 - Screening of “The new greatness case” by Ana Shishova followed by a Q&A with the directress and journalist Vasily Polonsky (online), moderated by Nebojša Jovanović.




Tuesday, February 14th - Screening of “Turn your body to Sun” (Cinema Meeting Point, Sarajevo)

  • 17:30 - Screening of “Turn your body to Sun” by Aliona van der Horst followed by a Q&A with the directress (online), moderated by Nebojša Jovanović.




Wednesday, February 15th - Main Event: Screening of “Holy Spider”, True Stories Market Award Ceremony and Panel discussion on the political situation in Iran, (Cinema Meeting Point, Sarajevo)

  • 17:30 – Holy Spiderby Ali Abassi (120 mins)
  • 19:30 – True Stories Market Award Ceremony
  • 19:40 – Panel discussion “Women, Art and Freedom: The political situation in Iran” with Daniela Sepehri (German-Iranian activist), Nejra Latić-Hulusić (directress and activist), and Vesi Vuković (True Stories Market 2022 awardee), moderated by Hana Sokolović




Thursday, February 14th – Closing Event: Screening of “Wire” (Cinema Meeting Point, Sarajevo)

  • 17:30 - Screening of “Wire” by Tiha Gudac followed by a Q&A with the directress, moderated by Asja Krsmanović.




Sarajevo Film Festival founded the „Dealing with the Past“ Program in 2016. with the aim of initiating honest dialogue on recent events from the region's past. For the second year already, FES SOE joined the Dealing with the Past program in August and are continuing our cooperation for this special edition in February.

In practical terms, we intend to start dialogue on the subject through curated screenings, as well as through the systematic collection of stories, documents and memories that will unveil many aspects of the past from different vantage points – whether imbued primarily with pain or riddled with nostalgia. It is from this open source that filmmakers and cinema experts will draw inspiration, and from which they will weave stories for larger audiences with all the urgency and power that cinema offers. With this in mind, we believe that Dealing with the Past can lead to cinema that achieves its ultimate, perhaps noblest aim – cinema that opens a door to genuine empathy, to peacebuilding in its truest sense. (Miro Purivatra)



For more information, you can contact us via info(at)fes-soe.org


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