Socialdemocratic Regional Women's Leadership Academy: PROCLAMATION OF SOLIDARITY WITH WOMEN IN USA


In the moment when the right to abortion will be annulled for numerous women in United States,  
With full awareness that no right that women have won until now is guaranteed and that it can be threatened as soon as tomorrow,
And with firm belief that every woman has a right to independently make decisions about her own body, and that this is not an issue that can and should be decided by other women, men, nor the state  
we deliver


by fourth generation participants, and female and male team members of Social Democratic Regional Women’s Leadership Academy, the program which this year has gathered female activists from the entire Western Balkans region.

No prohibition will prevent women from terminating their pregnancies if they decide to take that step, but will instead only deny them a right to safe, less painful and legal termination of pregnancy. The consequence of every limiting or revocation of rights is the increase of risks to women’s health and lives, as well as the poorer quality of life of a large number of women, especially those who are already disadvantaged due to poor financial situation or belonging to a minority community.

This is a warning to all that the fight for women’s rights is far from over. This is a call to continue with that fight in our own name and in the name of our grandmothers, mothers and sisters, in the name of our daughters and their future.

We, participants of Social Democratic Regional Women’s Leadership Academy, connected by the social-democratic values and with a vision of life in Western Balkans region where all the women live freely and with equal opportunities, commit to jointly defend the rights of women in the region and fight for their enhancement.

We invite all women and men to join us in this endeavor and remain open to inclusion of people with different experiences, habits, and ambitions, and for us to forever be connected by common values – freedom, equality and justice.

in Podgorica, on June 26, 2022

Proclamation signatories:

Maria Blažina (Croatia)

Ana Šer (Croatia)

Marlena Komšić (Croatia)

Danijela Vukoša (Croatia)

Mila Butić (Croatia)

Valbona Celkavaja (Albania)

Kamela Banushi (Albania)

Jasmina Haskić  (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Šejla Kršić (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Alma Jusufbegović (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Nejra Bajrić (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Albana Bucaliu  (Kosovo)

Albertina Dedinca (Kosovo)

Sandra Milićević (Montenegro)

Ivana Raščanin Radičević (Montenegro)

Denisa Pušija  (Montenegro)

Ana Kovač (Montenegro)

Marina Prentovska (North Macedonia)

Sasha Lepitkova (North Macedonia)

Silvana Mirkoska (North Macedonia)

Ljubica Panova  (North Macedonia)

Nevena Vukićević (Serbia)

Danijela Bakula Drobnjak (Serbia)

Vesna Petković (Serbia)

Alisa Kockar (Serbia)

Tanja Cakić (Serbia)

Miloš Đajić (Serbia)

Ana Manojlović Stakić (Serbia)

Biljana Maletin  (Serbia)

Karolina Leaković (Croatia)

Nada Drobnjak  (Montenegro)

Svetlana Stefanović (Serbia)

Ksenija Marković (Serbia)

Download the Proclamation here.

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