Western Balkans Future Leaders

In the Balkans, peaceful co-existence and tolerance between different ethnic groups have remained fragile. Against the background of relative economic stagnation, the refugee situation in Europe has triggered increasing national extremism, right-wing populism and democratic instability not only in the EU as well as in the Balkan region.

As a response, the "Berlin Process" has set out to foster stability and security through stronger links with and support for the Western Balkan region. In this context 20 young social democratic female leaders from six Western Balkan countries met in Serbia and Montenegro to discuss social democratic approaches to common challenges in the region.

Together with the FES' long-standing partners Max Van Der Stoel Foundation from the Netherlands, the FES office in Belgrade organized the Western Balkans Future Leaders Seminars in Belgrade and Budva.The two modules covered a wide range of topics such as the role of media in reconciliation, the importance of regional networking, issues of right-wing populism, as well as training debate skills and public speaking. 

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