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Peace and stability initiatives represent a decades-long cornerstone of the FES' work in southeastern Europe. Recent events have only reaffirmed the centrality of southeast European stability within the broader continental security paradigm. Both democratization and socio-economic justice are intrinsic aspects of a larger progressive peace policy in the region, but so too are consistent threat assessments and efforts to prevent conflict before it erupts. Preventive approaches, however, do not work without the cooperation of non-state actors. Confidence-building and ‘good neighborly relations’ for instance can only be achieved by including the population at large. By organizing exchange between civil society and decision-makers on equal grounds, Dialogue SOE aims to broaden the discourse on peace and stability in southeastern Europe and to counter the securitization of prevalent narratives from migration to radicalization. 

Kroatien: Flucht auf der Balkan-Route


16.09.2022 | News, Event

Episode 6 of ConFESsions brings a conversation with Marija Srdić, activist, journalist, feminist and antifascist from Serbia. Marija has also been a…


05.09.2022 | Publication, News, Event

In around 30 years, formerly communist Central and Southeastern Europe have lost millions of people, probably unseen in peacetime. The Western Balkans…


25.08.2022 | News, Socio-ecological transformation in SEE, Event

From 20th to 27th August, Sarajevo hosts the 6th edition of the Energy Community Secretariat's Summer School in cooperation with Friedrich Ebert…



| Publication, Publication Progressive Peace Policy

Reconciliation is a small human gesture. It is imperfect, clumsy, and timid, but it is undoubtably a human gesture. Reconciliation is a journey on…


| Publication, Publication Progressive Peace Policy, Publication Political Trends & Dynamics

The Western Balkans remain the site of numerous, protracted bilateral disputes. Most of these concern competing claims to territory, identity, …


| Publication, Publication Progressive Peace Policy

Most of Albanian citizens asked in a national poll in 2013 about whether Greece would like to see Albania in the European Union answered no, an answer…


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