Social Democratic Politics and Values

Dialogue SOE is committed to advancing social democratic policies and values in southeastern Europe. Our work in this field is based upon youth exchange and political academy programs, which are organized both on the national and regional levels. Dialogue SOE also creates inclusive spaces for discussing regional challenges. In doing so, we aim to advance responsible, equitable, and participatory governance practices. Our work has expanded from traditional partners to regional civil society actors and policy-making initiatives. Together with sister FES offices, our focus is on building the broad, progressive coalitions necessary to advance the social and democratic consolidation of southeastern Europe.

What is Social Democracy?


02.11.2023 | News, Event

In today's hyper-connected society, cyberspace is closely intertwined with our daily existence, influencing everything from public services to private…


31.10.2023 | News, Social Democratic Politics and Values, Event

On October 25th, we participated in the international conference "Time to Move On: 20 Years of the Thessaloniki Summit." In collaboration with our…


27.10.2023 | News, Event

Following the theme of security conversations across Europe, Bosnia and Herzegovina hosted its inaugural Sarajevo Security Conference titled "The…



05.12.2022 | Publication, Publication Social Democratic Politics and Values, News, Social Democratic Politics and Values

Ahead of tomorrow's EU - Western Balkans summit, we are sharing a reflection on a proposal that has raised a few eyebrows among the Western Balkans…


| Publication, Publication Social Democratic Politics and Values

The launch of the European Political Community (EPC) has taken the Western Balkans aback. Yet the need for political engagement on strategic issues…


| Publication, Publication Social Democratic Politics and Values, Publication Social and Economic Justice

EU citizens and Third Country Nationals are formally in very different situations when it comes to their mobility and rights in the European Union.…


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Politics for Europe - 2017plus

Politics for Europe - 2017plus

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Academy for Social Democracy

Academy for Social Democracy

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