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22.03.2017 | News, Event

As a prelude to Karl Marx' 200th birthday, the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung will be organizing a conference to commemorate the legacy of one of the greatest European and worldly thinkers of the modern era.


13.03.2017 | Event, News

The fifth Activist Forum addressing the issue of public spaces as sites of democratization was held during March 10th to 12th in Niš, Serbia.


07.01.2017 | News, Event

This edition of the Civil Society Forum (CSF) of the Western Balkan Summit Series took place in Skopje, Macedonia throughout November 24-26th. The forum was dedicated to the themes of social justice, democracy and Europe.


06.01.2017 | News, Event

The year 2016 has been full of unexpected political moments with far-reaching repercussions that were felt also in the Western Balkans. The long-standing narrative of an ongoing political crisis has only been strengthened by political turmoil outside of the region.


06.01.2017 | News, Event, Progressive Peace Policy

The Joint History Project has been CDRSEE's flagship program since 1998, which focuses exclusively on promoting reconciliation in the Western Balkans and beyond by utilizing a multiple-perspective approach towards history education that encourages critical thinking.


30.12.2016 | News, Event

In the past few years, the configuration of international relations in Europe as well as globally has been shaken by different developments including a growing number of terrorist attacks, the effects of the economic crisis, Great Britain’s recent decision to withdraw from the European Union (EU), the migrant crisis…


29.12.2016 | News, Social and Economic Justice, Social Democratic Politics and Values, Event

The fourth in the series of activist fora organized by Dialogue SOE took place in Prizren, Kosovo from November 26 – 28 with the topic Left Positions on Corruption: How Democratization Movements Fight Corruption.


01.12.2016 | News, Event, Social and Economic Justice

As part of the FES' socio-economic research, the FES Zagreb office, supported by Dialogue SOE organized a one-day long workshop that aims at initiating a debate among experts regarding obstacles to economic development in Southeast Europe, while taking into account both commonalities present in the region, as well as…


30.10.2016 | News, Social and Economic Justice, Event

The School for Regional Policy Development is an advanced political education program, targeting decision-makers in Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia.


26.10.2016 | News, Event

The fifth Together in Europe - Youth Summer Camp on “Social Democratic Perspectives” was held successfully in Voskopoja, Albania from September 17 to 25.


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