The Antifascist Women's Front of Yugoslavia: Novi Sad

Against the background of last year's commemoration marking 80 years since the establishment of the Antifascist Women's Front (AFŽ) of Yugoslavia, we found ourselves back with the partners and participants, but this time in Novi Sad, Serbia. With our colleagues from FES Belgrade and Ženska platforma za razvoj Srbije and numerous participants across the region, we worked from 6th to 8th of October to discuss the establishment of a new platform inspired by the legacy of AFŽ.

The Antifascist Women's Front of Yugoslavia was an invaluable organization that shaped parts of Yugoslav history. Its legacy remains an inspirational testament to the strength and determination of women who were among the champions of women's rights in the region. The AFZ served as a beacon of empowerment during tumultuous times, a symbol of resilience, and a rallying point for women of different backgrounds.

The gathering in Novi Sad was a symbolic reunion, demonstrating our commitment to carrying forward the commitment to solidarity and antifascism in contemporary contexts. In a world grappling with new challenges and evolving political landscapes, the need for a renewed focus on these core values has never been more critical.

Over the course of our three-day meeting, participants, both old and new, engaged in intensive discussions and collaborative work. Our agenda encompassed a broad spectrum of topics, all with a central focus on strengthening the position of women in our societies. We delved into political angles, shared a profound understanding of our collective goals, and reaffirmed our commitment to these shared values.

The essence of our meeting was the development of a renewed platform with strategies adapted to modern contexts. We have used the time to go over critical questions, such as common understanding of priority problems, defining values and political challenges across the region. In addition, the participants presented ideas for developing structures, policy solutions and communication strategies for the potential platform. The work was concluded with adopting common conclusion and a visit to the memorial site Freedom (Sloboda) in Fruška Gora.

As we wrapped up our meeting, we eagerly anticipate the outcomes of the enthusiasm and solidarity that have permeated our discussions. Our journey to revitalize the spirit of the Antifascist Women's Front has only just begun. It is a journey that we undertake with a sense of responsibility, knowing the legacies of who came before us, and that we as active contributors hold the power to help shape a brighter future for women in the region.

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