Empowering Women in Sustainability: Study Tour Croatia

In cooperation between the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung projects FES Dialogue Southeast Europe and FES Croatia and Slovenia, as well as local partners, a three-day seminar focusing on sustainability for politically active women took place from March 25th to 27th.

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© FES Croatia and Slovenia

© FES Croatia and Slovenia

© FES Croatia and Slovenia

© FES Croatia and Slovenia

This "Sustainability in Practice" event gathers participants from Southeast European countries, including Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Kosovo, and Croatia. Participants get to visit several best practice locations in Croatian cities, including Zagreb, Rijeka, Krk, and Cres, fostering exchanges on critical topics such as, circular economy, waste management, and energy transition within local governance.

Last year’s seminar, as reported by Novi List in Croatia, showcased the initiative's success, with participants engaging in discussions and site visits to exchange best practices in sustainability. This year’s agenda builds upon the achievements of the previous edition, aiming to deepen the understanding of sustainable practices while facilitating cross-border collaborations and knowledge sharing.

A highlight of this year’s seminar is a repeat visit to Rijeka, where participants explored Riperaj, a local initiative that is an excellent model for  repairment arm of circular economy. Danijela Matejčić-Miletić delivered insights on prolonging the lifespan of waste materials—an essential aspect of sustainable living. Ema Neshkovska, representing Gostivar in North Macedonia, also shared experiences of implementing a Riperaj-inspired project in her hometown, showcasing the potential for grassroots sustainability initiatives to create lasting impacts in different settings. The example also shows that exchanges like this work as Ema took part in it last year and upon return to NM, established similar repairment shop in her community

Riperaj, established by KD Čistoća, stands as a pioneering project in Croatia, offering citizens a platform to repair household items and clothing, and through that - reducing waste and promoting reuse. This innovative approach not only addresses environmental concerns but also fosters community engagement and skill-sharing among participants.

In addition to the best-practice exchange on sustainable practices, this seminar, gathering politically active women across the region, underscores the importance of gender equality in sustainability efforts, recognizing the invaluable contributions of women in driving positive change within their communities. By providing a platform for women from diverse backgrounds to exchange knowledge and experiences, the initiative aims to empower participants to actively participate in political processes and contribute to the socio-ecological transformation.

As our society grapples with pressing challenges and opportunities, the need for inclusive and equitable participation in decision-making processes becomes increasingly apparent. We, at the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, are steadfast in our commitment to promoting gender equality and fostering sustainable development practices that benefit all members of society. Through initiatives like 'Sustainability in Practice,' we aim to create a platform where your voices are heard and your contributions are valued, ensuring a sustainable future for all.


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