New: IETO - Inclusive Energy Transition in Southeast Europe

After a year of work and dedication, we finally present you with IETO – a study on Inclusive Energy Transition as an Opportunity for Southeast Europe. While we did not coin the concept, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung with this study is among the first to explore it in the region – anticipating its manyfold opportunities for SEE. The notion of just energy transition may be more popular now, but inclusive energy transition goes beyond it touching at the heart of decision making.

Download the IETO study here.

„Energy is essential to our daily lives, and the transition is a chance to improve the quality of the social gaps, strengthen economies and change governance models. Despite all these and other benefits, inclusive energy transition is far more challenging than the purely technical side of the shift. Mainly because it strikes directly at how decisions are made. But, for far too long, energy systems and the transition have been confined to centralized decision-making and silos thinking. Changing these patterns through the advanced involvement of citizens and citizen communities reflects cooperation for a much-needed broader socio-ecological transformation.”

  • Selma Šehović, Project Manager / Dr. Ralf Melzer, Director (Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Dialogue Southeast Europe)


This analysis seeks to determine how to move from this situation to an inclusive energy transition in southeast Europe. It looks at four different aspects of public involvement: just transition, households as energy consumers and taxpayers prosumers, public participation in decision-making on energy policy and infrastructure. It explains these and outlines the EU policy context driving the transition. It then takes a country-by-country look at nine southeast European countries and shows the potential for involving the broader public in the transition, giving recommendations both per country and overall.”.

  •   Miljenka Kuhar, Anja Vulinec, Marija Horvat (DOOR)


PEET Study was commissioned by the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Dialogue Southeast Europe, within the framework of advancing socio-ecological transformation and working towards social and economic justice in the region.

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