Political Trends and Dynamics: Cold winter ahead: Energy supply and energy poverty in Southeast Europe

This winter, eyes across Europe are on thermostats and energy bills, and concerns over energy supplies are overwhelmingly present.

The threat of energy poverty are particularly high in Southeast Europe. This edition of Political Trends and Dynamics gathers insight from experts on what the winter ahead is going to mean for the region.

With contributions from Stefan Bouzarovski, Marta Szpala, Simon Uzunov, Slavica Robić and an interview with Julian Popov, this edition discusses the different angles of the energy crisis that seems to be looming on the horizon since the aggression on Ukraine – and the potential solutions in taking on an active role in the energy transition. Our authors, scholars and practitioners in the field of energy, acknowledge the growing fear among European citizens of the cold winter ahead, but also offer a strategic overview of the opportunities arising from these challenges and provide unique insights into one of the most important debates in Europe of our time.

The edition comes at a critical moment for Europe and makes for a sobering read (READ HERE). 

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