Political Trends and Dynamics: Navigating Southeast Europe's Future: A Vision for 2030

As we are nearing the end of 2023, we invite you to delve into the last edition of Political Trends and Dynamics #PTD. Explore with us the meticulous analysis by experts such as Vesna Pusić, Dušan Reljić, and Katerina Kolozova, as they forecast the dynamics of Southeast Europe by 2030. This edition provides invaluable tools for decision-making in the face of global transformations.

From the repercussions of the Ukraine conflict to complexities in EU integration and the nuanced relations with foreign actors, this volume argues for a strategic recalibration to achieve genuine progress. Addressing challenges like depopulation, economic disparities, and environmental concerns, the authors propose measured, innovative social policies for sustainable development.

Read the full publication here: Political Trends and Dynamics Volume III/2023

Join us in this thoughtful exploration as we navigate SEE at this critical juncture. What better time to envision a stable and prosperous Southeast Europe than when preparing for a new year!

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