SFF Dealing with the Past: Opening and discussions program

In addition to screening some of the most prominent documentary achievements from the world, that deal with the past and its interpretation, Dealing with the Past program will host additional content in the form of panel discussions and Q&A sessions with film directors.

The Dealing with the Past program officially opens on November 20th, 2021 at 19:00 with a panel discussion "What do memories say about our past?", with inputs from Firouzeh Khosrovani (award winning directress of the film "An X-Ray of a Family"), Dragan Markovina (historian) and Dr. Ralf Melzer (Director FES SOE). Moderator: Hana Sokolović

The panel discussion is organized at Kino Meeting Point (Sarajevo) after the screening of the movie "An X-Ray of a Family" (starting at 17:30). In addition, all movies are available online in Bosnia and  Herzegovina, Serbia, Slovenia, Montenegro and North Macedonia at this link, as well as the panel discussions that will be live streamed on FES SOE and SFF Facebook pages. Participation in person and online is available for all and free of charge, we welcome you to join us.

In addition to the opening panel discussion on Saturday, the second panel discussion takes place Wednesday, November 24th on the topic "What reconciliation means to me?", and will host inputs from Marija Zidar (directress of the film Reconciliation), Denis Haračić (visual artist) and Ajna Jusić (activist). This panel discussion is also available in person from 19:00, after screening the film Reconciliation, as well as online through live streams on SFF and FES SOE Facebook pages. Moderator: Hana Sokolović

For all of the movies, we are organizing Q&A sessions with film directors that will be live streamed on SFF and FES SOE Facebook pages. Full schedule:

Friday, 19.11. // 19:00

Conversation with the director of "Town of Glory" Dimitry Bogolyubov, winner of the Audience award at Trieste Film Festival 2021 (Live stream)

Saturday, 20.11. // 19:00

Panel discussion: What do memories say about our past?; panelists: Firouzeh Khosrovani, Dragan Markovina, Dr. Ralf Melzer  (Available online and in person)

Sunday, 21.11. // 19:00

Conversation with one of the directors of the "Voice of Ahmad", Shadi Habib Allah (Live stream)

Monday, 22.11. // 19:00

Conversation with directress of the "Landscapes of Resistance", Marta Popivoda, awardee of the Heart of Sarajevo Award for the Best Documentary Film at Sarajevo Film Festival 2021 (Live stream)

Tuesday, 23.11. // 19:00

Conversation with the director of "Our mothers" César Díaz , awardee of the  “Camera d’Or” at Cannes Film Festival 2020. (Live stream)

Wednesday, 24.11. // 19:00

Panel discussion: What reconciliation means to me?; panelists: Marija Zider, Denis Haračić, Ajna Jusić (Available online and in person)

Thursday, 25.11. // 19:00

Conversation with the director of "Flee"  Jonas Poher Rasmussen, awardee of the "World Cinema Documentary Competition" at Sundance Festival (Live stream)

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