Western Balkans Perspectives on the Future of Europe: Prishtina

From September 30th to October 1st, Western Balkans Perspectives on the Future of Europe series continued in Prishtina, with a round of conversations on EU Enlargement and potential regional contributions from Kosovo's point of view. In addition to FES Dialogue SOE and Kosovo cooperation with the Austro-French Center for Rapproachement in Europe, this installement was hosted with additional support of the EU Delegation in Kosovo and CiviKos platform.

The event gathered decision- and opinion-makers, activists, politicians, journalists and other engaged invidiuals to discuss two main questions within this series of events:

-What should the European Union that the WB6 countries like to join be about, and what should it seek to achieve?

-What distinct contributions could the WB6 make towards advancing the European project? How can their membership strengthen the Union?

The discussions took place in split focus groups, moderated by project facilitators Donika Emini (CiviKos platform, BiEPAG member) and Blerta Tuci (EuroPartners Development Organization).

In addition to the inputs gathered within these insightful debates, the organizers hosted a panel session „Western Balkans Discuss the Future of Europe“ with inputs from Donika Emini, Srđan Majstorović, Simonida Kacarska, and Ioannis Armakolas. The panel discussion was opened by Tomáš Szunyog, Head of the EU Office, and the European Union Special Representative in Kosovo.

During the panel discussion, speakers highlighted the need and the potential of the Western Balkan countries to focus on a larger perspective, beyond enlargement, and consider the region's contributons to all the relevant discussions on wider European issues.

The Western Balkans Perspectives on the Future of Europe is almost to an end with the first round of country-based events, with the final session that will be hosted in Tirana later this year.

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