ConFESsions Vodcast Episode 7: Tonja Jerele (Rezistenca)

November episode of ConFESsions Podcast takes us to Slovenia, for a conversation with Tonja Jerele, coordinator of a research and activist group Rezistenca.

In this episode, Hana Sokolović talks to Tonja about a critical perspective of women in today's societies of the region. In countries where women have fought and won their right to vote and to work - women find themselves in situations of having to answer what else is it that they are, as women, fighting for? 

This episode opens many vital questions and perspectives of women's challenges in their everyday lives - circling back to gender inequality. 
Tune in for the entire episode with Tonja Jerele for more!

Full episode is available on the ConFESsions Vodcast YouTube channel.

Reporter: Hana Sokolović
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