ConFESsions Podcast Episode 3: Rea Nepravishta (World Wildlife Fund Adria)

Episode 3 features Rea Nepravishta, an environmental activist and feminist from Albania. Rea has been engaged with her fellow activists in several battles to preserve nature in Albania.

One of those fights was to preserve the Valbona river, in the northern part of the country, which faced the same challenge that many rivers of the region are too: small-scale hydropower plants. Rea spoke about a paradox when it comes to hydropower and water supply in Albania. It is among the richest countries of Europe when it comes to water resources, yet it is struggling with supplying enough of it, due to poor management.

The full episode is available on the official ConFESsions YouTube channel.

In addition, Rea shared with the ConFESsions podcast stories of how environmental struggles impact different communities in Albania, and different parts of the society. She also spoke about the mid- and longterm results of the struggle to save Albania's nature and what the activists have managed to achieve thus far.

For more information about the ConFESsions Podcast, take a look at our website: https://soe.fes.de/features/confessions-podcast.

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